Linux Pratique (fr) - 2006-03/04

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Fleur Brosseau wrote a discovery article about GWhere on three pages in their french two-monthly magazine which is available in french on line. This article salutes the easy to use of GWhere.

Linux Magazine (jp) - 2003-11

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The japanese magazine published an article about GWhere in their section named "World FreeSoft Collection".

Linux Magazine (it) - 2003-09

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In the number of september, the italian magazine published a comparative about the free programs which allow to catalog CDs and disks. From this comprative, GWhere is even more easy to use than others catalogers. And it has the advantage to run under GNU/Linux and MS Windows systems.

Linux Magazine (uk) - 2002-11

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In the number of November, the English magazine published the Patricia Jung's article English translation and it is also available in their site on PDF format.

Linux User (de) - 2002-09

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Patricia Jung published an article about GWhere which is in the "Out of the box" section in the number of september which is available in german on line.

Planete Linux (fr) - 2002-01

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In the "Les nouveaux programmes" section in the number of january, we were glad to find this little following frame (it's a free personal translation) :
GWhere 0.0.21 : still great classic of the free software : CDs indexer. GWhere can also index the contents of your hard disks, floppy disks or other removables media. Researches are easy-to-use and you don't waste any more time to find your files on multiples CDs.
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