Frequently Asked Questions
This section lists all frequently asked questions.

What's a catalog?

A catalog is a data base removable representing a library of media (CDs, diskettes, Zip diskettes, hard disk...).

Why to use categories?

The categories allow to classify the elements of the catalog. This avoids having several catalog. It is possible to make research by categories: it is a means of filtering the elements.

Is it possible to import Where Is It? file with GWhere?

Today not, but the team works on this functionality. Plugins of importation/exportation for Where Is It? and other formats should be available.

How to send a patch?

Generate a patch

You downloaded sources and wish to correct a bug. To thus send a "patch" to contact(s) of the project. How to do (for those which do not know it)? You for example have just modified the sources of the GWhere project. Rename this folder in GWhere-x.y.z-patched and reload the unmodified folder. Under bash, type the following command line :

diff -bru GWhere-x.y.z GWhere-x.y.z-patched > GWhere.diff

diff is tools allowing to compare files, therefore to generate patchs. We thus have GWhere.diff = GWhere-x.y.z-patched - GWhere-x.y.z. It any more but does not remain you to send the patch (than you can beforehand zip) with comments allowing to include/understand which are the modifications. It with is noted that the difference can also be done starting from the cvs by comparing your version with that of the cvs by the command line :

cvs diff GWhere--x.y.z-patched > GWhere.diff

Apply the patch

It does not remain any more with the author to apply the patch by making the GWhere-x.y.z-patched operation = GWhere-x.y.z + GWhere.diff, by the command line :

cd GWhere-x.y.z
patch -p1 < ../GWhere.diff

GWhere doesn't compile

To recompile GWhere it is necessary to have the sources of GWhere. These sources are available to the format tar.gz on the download page.
Then to compile GWhere it is necessary to follow the instructions of the installation with an archive. To the launching of the order ./configure all the dependences will be tested. The compilation of GWhere requires the following libraries :
  • zlib-devel
  • glib-devel
  • gtk-devel

Configure script fails : cannot find...

It may be according to your version of GWhere or your system that this kind of message occures :

bash-2.05b$ ./configure
creating cache ./config.cache
configure: error: can not find install-sh or in . ./.. ./../..

It's that the symbolic link of GWhere's install-sh file isn't valid on your system. You must delete the install-sh file of GWhere and replace it by one of your system.
Relaunch the configure script and repeat the operation if another file is not found.
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